Silverwood Deep Fluted Flan Set of 4, 3½in Expand

Silverwood Deep Fluted Flan Set of 4, 3½in

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Make elegant individual quiches and tarts with this set of four silver anodised deep fluted tins.

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Make elegant individual quiches and tarts with this set of four silver anodised deep fluted tins.

Flan tins with deep wavy edges like this one are traditionally used to make savoury flans, quiches and tarts.

The deep tin has room for plenty of filling while the conductive silver anodised tin will ensure that your blind baked flan case is evenly cooked and perfectly crispy.

Butter the tin lightly before use to guarantee that your flan comes cleanly away.

The loose base of the tin helps to remove the flan and keep breakages to a minimum

Alan Silverwood Limited is a family firm, based close to Birmingham's vibrant commercial centre. Established in 1966 to supply education authorities, we have specialised in manufacturing a distinctive range of domestic bakeware.

At a time when shops are awash with products imported from around the globe, Silverwood bakeware, manufactured here in our Birmingham factory, stands out as a high-quality, long-lasting alternative to the "pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap" competition. Many of the innovative designs are unique to us.

All our bakeware is based on our uncompromising ideal that products bearing our family name should be a source of satisfaction to our customers and pride to ourselves.

Over the years we have frequently been asked to explain the special benefits of our bakeware.

Visually, the most obvious difference is that our products are NOT coated with PTFE.

However, the most significant factor lies in the core material from which we manufacture our pans. This core draws-in all available heat and distributes it evenly throughout the pan, leaving no scorched hot-spots or part-cooked soggy areas. 

Heat Spread Technology is a term we have coined to describe these features.

When it comes to freezing, the same high conductivity properties mean that you can freeze food in the pan quickly and efficiently. Similarly, time saving in-the-pan defrosting is an additional benefit, with warmth being swiftly drawn back through the pan and into your food.

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